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Why a Referral Agency?

A domestic referral agency connects independent domestic workers; caregivers & companions with clients needing home care services.

A referral agency makes the process of finding & hiring a caregiver/ companion much easier, faster, safer and cheaper.

Hiring independent assistance through Your Extra Special, LLC allows you to schedule help with the comfort of knowing that the caregiver/companion has been carefully screened prior to being referred to you.

Our business model simplifies and improves the process for both clients and caregivers. Your Extra Special Referral Agency is generally a much more affordable option than an employee based, home care company.

Our independent caregivers experience better job satisfaction and commitment levels because our agency allows them the freedom to maintain their own schedules while increasing their earnings.

Our Agency helps domestic caregivers simplify the annual revenue reporting process by providing them with 1099’s at the end of each year. ecting the options from the toolbar.

Referral agencies streamline the process for everyone involved bringing only the necessary fundamentals of agency support. Ultimately, clients receive the best possible care at the lowest possible price!