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Caregivers, Companions, "Home Help" Professionals Wanted

Your Extra Special, LLC is a Los Angeles based Referral Agency providing "as needed" "in-home" Caregiving, Companions, Housecleaning & Handyman services.

We send experienced, trusted, background-checked professionals to homes. 

We have been in business since 2009!

Job Description:

Your Extra Special, LLC Referral Agency is looking to add new independent Caregivers Companions, Housekeepers, and/or Handymen to join our referral network!

These are Independent Domestic Worker "IDW" positions which allow "Home Help" professionals to set their hours of availability and the distance they are willing to travel.

Independent Domestic Worker "IDW" Qualifications:

-Speak fluent English and present a clean, neat appearance.

-Be dependable, timely, responsible and trustworthy.

-SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN CAR, as many of our client locations are not accessible via public transportation.

-Have a thorough understanding of our service area, from Woodland Hills to LAX

-Be accessible via your own mobile phone with Internet capability to stay current with our dynamic Home Staffing schedule.

-Be capable of performing physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing stairs, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of items.

-Be computer savvy and communicate professionally in both verbal and written formats in a timely manner.

-Possess knowledge of the principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services and evaluation of customer satisfaction.


-Be able to work unsupervised and demonstrate excellent time management skills. This is an Independent Domestic Worker "IDW" position.

-Work well with others as often you will be working alongside other professional care providers, teaming to provide excellent service.

-Be children and pet-friendly.

- Have schedule availability to include weekends and nights.

If you have an amazing work ethic with an eye for details and would love to keep our clients extremely satisfied, we want to hear from you!

Additional Information:

Please note that part of our decision-making process to add independent "Home Help" to our service provider roster does include both reference & background checks due to the sensitive nature of the client information we possess.

Your Extra Special Referral Agency ONLY works with Independent Domestic Workers and issues necessary year end 1099's accordingly.

Your Extra Special, LLC is looking for experienced Caregivers, Companions, Housekeeper/ Handyman professionals to join our referral network of "IDW" positions. Your Extra Special, LLC is a Referral Agency for a variety of "Home Help"

services.. Your Extra Special, LLC is not hiring employees and only works w/ Independent Domestic Workers "IDW".

You will not be an employee but an Independent Domestic Worker "IDW", this means:

  1. That Your Extra Special, LLC shall assist you, the IDW secure home help work
  2. You will invoice for completed projects / work orders and will be paid your agreed upon contracted rate
  3. You remain free to sign an agreement with other referral agencies and to perform "Home Help" work for persons not referred by Your Extra Special Referral Agency.
  4. You will inform Your Extra Special, LLC of any restrictions on hours, location, conditions, or type of work you will accept and you are free to select or reject any work opportunity procured, offered, referred, or provided by the employment agency provided you give a reasonable amount of notice.
  5. You are free to renegotiate with Your Extra Special Referral Agency the amount proposed to be paid for the work
  6. You will not receive any training from Your Extra Special, LLC with respect to the

    performance of "Home Help" work. However, Your Extra Special, LLC may provide a voluntary orientation session in which the relationship between the employment agency and the contracted IDW , including the employment

    agency's administrative and operating procedures, and the provisions of the contract or agreement between the employment agency and the contracted domestic worker are explained.

  7. You will perform your work without any direction, control, or supervision from Your Extra Special, LLC with respect to the manner and means of performing the work.

  8. Your Extra Special, LLC does not provide you the tools, supplies, or equipment necessary to perform the work. You are responsible for all of your supplies and equipment and the cost thereof.

  9. The IDW is not obligated to pay Your Extra Special, LLC a referral fee, and Your Extra Special, LLC is not obligated to pay the IDW if the person for whom the services were performed fails or refuses to pay for the "Home Help" services.

  10. Your Extra Special, LLC may decline to make additional referrals to IDW at any time, and IDW may decline to accept a particular referral.

310-795-5023 ph/txt

-24 Hour Registered Nurse on call to refer to if needed

-Clients satisfaction of Referral Services available upon request

Member of:

-Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce

-CCDRA.ORG (California Coalition of Domestic Referral Agencies, Inc)